Creating a Legacy of Impact

Creating a Legacy of Impact

A Conversation w/ Doug Shipman

In this episode of The Diversity Gap podcast, Bethaney sits down with the Founding CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. They cover a lot of ground in this conversation, talking about everything from leading authentically to creating a museum to the executive leadership required to pursue equity in cultural organizations. Grab your pen and paper and be prepared to take all the notes!

Doug Shipman currently serves as the President and CEO of the Woodruff Arts Center, the third largest arts center in the United States which includes the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the High Museum of Art and the Alliance Theatre. Prior to joining the Woodruff Arts Center, Doug served as CEO and a Managing Director of BrightHouse Consulting, a BCG company.

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Unlearning Racism in a Community of Practice

Unlearning Racism

A Conversation w/ Staci Lynch

In this episode of The Diversity Gap podcast, we get to learn from community leader Staci Lynch. Recorded at The Diversity Gap live event from April 2019, this conversation between Bethaney and Staci talk about pursuing equity in philanthropy, raising race-conscious kids, and the work of unlearning internalized racism.

Staci is a third generation, native Atlantan who is rooted in community. She is a leader with proven results in communications, relationship development, program design and implementation and coaching. With a passion for racial equity and diversity, Staci has spent the last decade and a half working to elevate the quality of education accessible to all children.

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Becoming a Diverse Leader

Becoming a Diverse Leader

A Conversation w/ Sam Collier

In this episode of The Diversity Gap Podcast, Bethaney sits down with entrepreneur and communicator Sam Collier. In this fun conversation, they talk about tokenism, leadership, the cost of social impact, and what it takes to stay in organizations that are slow to change.

Sam Collier is a speaker and host at Northpoint Ministries (founded by Andy Stanley) as well as the Director of City Strategy for The reThink Group (founded by Reggie Joiner). He is the host of nationally syndicated radio-podcasts “A Greater Story w/ Sam Collier” and “The Countdown w/ Sam Collier”. Lastly, Sam is a top 20 Gospel Billboard producer, founder of No Losing, Inc. and co-founder of The Resource Group Global: A faith based consulting firm.

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Bias in Our Bodies
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A Conversation w/ Shawn Duncan, Director of The Lupton Center

In Episode 5 of The Diversity Gap Podcast, you get to hear from Shawn Duncan, one of the speakers from the first ever Diversity Gap live event held in April of 2019. In this talk, Shawn unpacks what it means to have bias in our bodies, despite our good intentions for diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Shawn Duncan is the Director of The Lupton Center (offering training and consulting services to nonprofits looking for healthier and more effective ways to respond to material poverty.) He is on the Collaboration Team for the Center for Racial Equity and Inclusion (at North Park University). His writing on neighboring cross-culturally is featured in the book Joining Lives: (A Primer on Reconciliation).

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White Women in the Struggle for Racial Equity

A Conversation w/ Karen Fleshman, Founder of Racy Conversations

In Episode 4 of The Diversity Gap Podcast, Bethaney has a discussion with Karen Fleshman, founder of Racy Conversations. In this episode, they dive into what it has looked like for Karen, a white woman, to find her place in diversity and equity work. They also talk about the importance or raising the next antiracist generation and what it takes to cultivate cross-racial sisterhood.

Karen Fleshman, Esq. is an attorney, activist, single soccer mom, and a nationally recognized expert on racism, feminism, workplace fair practices, police brutality, and politics.

Racy Conversations' mission is to inspire the first antiracist generation. In workplaces, Racy Conversations change culture by creating a brave space to address unconscious bias, microaggressions, sexual harassment, and allyship. Organizations including the Sierra Club, the Wikimedia Foundation, Yahoo, Sony, Xero, Upwork, KARGO, Pixar, and the Fred Hutch Cancer Center have hired Karen to assess their culture and facilitate Racy Conversations.

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Is Systemic Change Possible?

A Conversation w/ Adrian Pei, Author of The Minority Experience

In Episode 3, Bethaney has a conversation with author and organizational development consultant Adrian Pei. The big topics covered in this conversation include (1) navigating self-doubt as a minority leader (2) engaging the pain, power and past of this work and (3) confronting the challenges large organizations face when they seek to change. Enjoy!

Adrian Pei works full-time in organizational development and is passionate about diversity training, leadership consulting and coaching. He's the author of The Minority Experience: Navigating Emotional and Organizational Realities. He graduated with degrees from Stanford University and Fuller Seminary. He lives in southern California with his family! You can learn more about Adrian here. You can check out his book, The Minority Experience, here.

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Amplifying Minority Voices + Diversifying Your Board of Directors

A Conversation w/ Donna + Leroy Barber, Founders of The Voices Project

In this episode of The Diversity Gap Podcast, Bethaney has a conversation with Donna and Leroy Barber, the founders of The Voices Project. The Barbers have decades of experience leading teams and communities in the work of advocacy, racial justice and social change. They’ve done it all, from launching their own startups to writing books to sitting on various executive teams and leadership boards.

In this conversation, Bethaney and the Barbers dive into what it takes to amplify the voices of underrepresented minorities on majority culture teams. They also discuss many of the nuanced relational challenges that show up on executive teams and boards of directors who seek to move in more diverse direction.

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Welcome to The Diversity Gap Podcast
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Let’s get the conversation started.

In this episode Bethaney Wilkinson, Creator and Host of The Diversity Gap, shares her story and vision for the podcast in the episodes to come. As she sits down with co-worker Kayla Stagnaro, together they invite us into the ever-unfolding conversation around how to honor our stories and the stories around us. 

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